Women in Software Engineering 3.0

Launched in 2019, the W.I.T (Women in Tech) Republic community aspires to foster an empowering space for women in technology disciplines and for those who are also interested in pursuing a future in this field. Within a year, the community has gained over 2,600 members actively engaging to close the gender gap in technology. Utilising digital approaches to educate one another in emerging topics and … Continue reading Women in Software Engineering 3.0

National Coding Week: Our Stories in the Tech World

Whilst National Coding Week has drawn to a close, let us continue to hone the digital skills we have developed throughout those seven days, let us continue to manifest the opportunities in the technology sector and let us continue to nurture the network we have built through connecting with like-minded people. I wanted to take this opportunity to share the story of myself and many … Continue reading National Coding Week: Our Stories in the Tech World

National Coding Week: My Top 5 Coding Communities

Happy National Coding Week! This momentous occasion is running from 16th September 2019 to 22nd September 2019. Beginning in 2014 as a volunteer-led organisation, it aspires to help build people’s confidence and skills by encouraging volunteers to run energising and engaging digital events. To date, it has gained recognition nationwide, continues to build a prominent presence on social media having been the 3rd most tweeted … Continue reading National Coding Week: My Top 5 Coding Communities


#FFCONF, regarded as a single-track conference repeated twice, was one of the first large-scale conferences I had ever attended. It was back in 2016: I was in the midst of the first semester of my Final Year and collating research for my dissertation. I was famish for new ways to develop new techniques, hone my existing knowledge and do everything in between when I found … Continue reading #FFCONF

The Digital Future

The Course Leader for Data Science and Analytics from the School of Computing at University of Portsmouth had kindly invited me to return to campus and deliver a guest lecture to Final Year Students studying the unit Practical Data Analytics and Mining (PDAM). I was so grateful for this amazing opportunity, especially since I had studied this very module during my Final Year at University … Continue reading The Digital Future

Women in Data Science Day 2018

Led by Stanford University, Women in Data Science Day, WiDS for short, aims to educate aspiring Data Scientists around the world on emergent topics within this sector of technology and support women in the field. The annual conference provides attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest data science research and applications used in a broad spectrum from a featured panel composed exclusively of women. … Continue reading Women in Data Science Day 2018

Tech(K)Now Day 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday March 8th, I had the privilege of joining over 1,500 women in tech at Tech(K)now Day in ExCel London the following Friday. Tech(K)now Day isĀ  a space for women in tech from all backgrounds to learn new technical skills, ranging from beginner level to advanced. The delegates also have the opportunity to gain knowledge in career building and … Continue reading Tech(K)Now Day 2018

The University Guide: Year 2

As students start making their voyage back to their University-town after a visit back home to spend some quality time with friends and family, as well as some much-needed relaxation, it is the perfect opportunity to embrace that New Year motivation for the upcoming semester. After the amazing response from my Year 1 guide, I decided to extend the series for Year 2 and Year … Continue reading The University Guide: Year 2

Six Hours in Bournemouth

11:00AM – Arrive in Bournemouth Be amazed by the beauty of such an intricate and classic looking train station. Is this Dorset’s answer to Kings Cross? Contemplate on taking up Trainspotting as a hobby. Fire-up Google Maps to locate a place for a quick bite to eat… 12:00PM – Stumble across Space NK One week prior: vow to go on a spending ban on cosmetics. … Continue reading Six Hours in Bournemouth