The Ultimate Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul, I left a piece of my heart with you. A city straddling between Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus strait, it is a centre of Turkish economy, culture and history. The number one spot of many dream travel destination lists. The city is opulent and twinkling with lights, it brushes your face with noor and feeds the soul and heart. Istanbul is, and always … Continue reading The Ultimate Istanbul Travel Guide

When in Rome: Day 6

Our final full day in Rome had one objective only: to savour every single second humanly possible. We arose from our slumber and had our penultimate breakfast in the apartment with the background chatter of the locals enjoying their morning espresso and the gentle summer breeze brushing us from the balcony. Since Day Five was our take on “Best Of” a la Mariah Carey’s 2001 greatest … Continue reading When in Rome: Day 6

When in Rome: Day 3 + Day 4

Day 3 We’re going off the grid today. An adventure within an adventure, if you wish. Not much contact with anyone else and off to a very unfamiliar part of the city. The outskirts. The deserted. The isolated. Just call us Bear Grylls. This can only go surprisingly well or absolutely disastrous… Like clockwork, we arose early in the morning and got ready, followed by … Continue reading When in Rome: Day 3 + Day 4

A photo of the author in front of the Colosseum

When in Rome: Day 2

It’s official. I have achieved the unexpected. Even I was astounded, but ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely exceeded my expectations and I am one proud lady. A very stylish Italian woman complimented me on my outfit. Yes, me. Your friendly neighbourhood beauty and tech blogger has unlocked the international fashion achievement level. Better equipped with knowledge on the Italian public transport, my Mother and … Continue reading When in Rome: Day 2

Women in Data Science Day 2018

Led by Stanford University, Women in Data Science Day, WiDS for short, aims to educate aspiring Data Scientists around the world on emergent topics within this sector of technology and support women in the field. The annual conference provides attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest data science research and applications used in a broad spectrum from a featured panel composed exclusively of women. … Continue reading Women in Data Science Day 2018

Tech(K)Now Day 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday March 8th, I had the privilege of joining over 1,500 women in tech at Tech(K)now Day in ExCel London the following Friday. Tech(K)now Day is  a space for women in tech from all backgrounds to learn new technical skills, ranging from beginner level to advanced. The delegates also have the opportunity to gain knowledge in career building and … Continue reading Tech(K)Now Day 2018

Six Hours in Bournemouth

11:00AM – Arrive in Bournemouth Be amazed by the beauty of such an intricate and classic looking train station. Is this Dorset’s answer to Kings Cross? Contemplate on taking up Trainspotting as a hobby. Fire-up Google Maps to locate a place for a quick bite to eat… 12:00PM – Stumble across Space NK One week prior: vow to go on a spending ban on cosmetics. … Continue reading Six Hours in Bournemouth

BCS Ada Lovelace Colloquium 2017

All the way back to mid-April of this year, I had the pleasure of visiting Aberystwyth to represent the University of Portsmouth and present my Final Year Project at the 10th Anniversary BCS Ada Lovelace Colloquium. I sent in an application alongside my dissertation abstract to the poster contest in February after the encouragement of my Project Supervisor. To my surprise, I was selected as … Continue reading BCS Ada Lovelace Colloquium 2017