About the Author:

Ahsana is a software engineer with a penchant for writing about anything and everything.

Ahsana’s love for writing and tech have both been growing since she was a child. She has been writing from the age of ten and has been published six times during her teenage years. Ahsana also designed her first website at the age of eleven at an after-school Computer Club; her first ever morsel of exposure to development. Her fascination grew and she spent the majority of her summers as a teenager in her room designing and developing various Tumblr themes for her blog.

Outside of writing and coding, Ahsana loves to explore quaint cities around the country and document her adventures through photography.

About the Blog:

ahsanabilah is a central hub for all of Ahsana’s passions. It is a tapestry which intertwines her love for writing with her fascination in the little things of life.

Being a beauty and tech blog, a rather niche genre of blogging by combining two seemingly polar opposites, ahsanabilah aspires to challenge gender stereotypes in the technology field. It aims to be a forum for those who enjoy feminine interests and technology, whilst emphasising it is completely fine to have these two prominent factors in life. It does not implicate your quality of work if you enjoy shilling lipstick on the weekends and vice versa.

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