From the Archives: Let’s Talk about Shyness.

Despite a certain famous lasagne-loving cat’s notion, Mondays are great. I love Mondays. A fresh week, a fresh start, a fresh perspective. Whatever it may be. In particular, Monday lunchtimes give me the opportunity to catch up on my favourite blogs, having many bloggers publicising their posts the previous Sunday evening or early hours of the new week. Akin to a new episode of your … Continue reading From the Archives: Let’s Talk about Shyness.

From the Archives: Geek.

Hello, friends. I have spent the better half of this evening reading through my old blog from 2012 and found some great hidden gems. The tagline was “a bloggy blog by me: Nabzz”, if that puts anything in perspective. I would write about anything and everything: from music, languages and fashion, to tech and current affairs. I’ve had a good giggle at some of the … Continue reading From the Archives: Geek.

2021 Vision

New Year’s Day. Bank Holiday. It appears since New Year’s Day 2018 I had inadvertently began the tradition of reading through snippets of my old blog to reflect on the past however many years. (Hello, “From the Archives” series!) Of course, what with the timewarp of 2020, this tradition had come much earlier on than anticipated: There are three things to acquaint yourself with Nabzz, … Continue reading 2021 Vision