Women in Software Engineering 3.0

Launched in 2019, the W.I.T (Women in Tech) Republic community aspires to foster an empowering space for women in technology disciplines and for those who are also interested in pursuing a future in this field. Within a year, the community has gained over 2,600 members actively engaging to close the gender gap in technology.

Utilising digital approaches to educate one another in emerging topics and initiating imperative discussions is within the roots of W.I.T Republic, having successfully coordinated their inaugural Women in Tech Week earlier this year virtually. Events were hosted across the globe with headline speakers from the US, UK, The Netherlands and Germany sharing their expertise with over 500 attendees.

Following on from the success of Women in Tech Week, W.I.T Republic has recently began a series of monthly meet-ups entitled Women in Software Engineering. Kicking off in August, the principle of the meet-ups is to provide a platform for women working in engineering to tell their stories and offer others advice on the journey to success. Each monthly theme varies, guaranteeing there will be something to satiate your appetite for continuous learning and development.

I had the honour of being invited to speak at the third instalment of the meet-up series, joining Co-Founder & CTO of mila.health Catalina Turlea and zoomin.tv Tech Lead, Mabel Otto. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to both Catalina and Mabel’s talks! Catalina offered such a great insight on the journey to launching mila.health and the importance of experimenting. Mabel also provided such a fantastic walkthrough on the core fundamentals of software engineering and the lessons we should all carry as we embark on our voyage through the tech world.

Being part of a stellar lineup at an event with +240 attendees, I had the privilege to deliver my talk on an area I am heavily passionate about: pair programming. Aptly titled, “Pair Programming: The Bridge Between Communication and Code”, I wanted to purvey the message on how pair programming can help bridge the gap between technical skills and soft skills. I believe soft skills are the cornerstones that form the foundation of good software engineering practises. It can be agreed across the industry that soft skills are just as important as technical skills; to possess the basics of communication, team working and self management, is a significant asset that can assist in your career progression. As such, pair programming can be an aid in consolidating and developing both technical and soft skills. My talk explored how to cultivate pair programming in day-to-day practises, spotlighted the human side of coding, and finally, looked ahead at the trailblazing future of pair programming, including its business value potential. A recording of my talk can be found below:

I am greatly appreciative for the W.I.T Republic community giving me the opportunity and platform to share my passion with so many exceptional people across the region. It was a fantastic experience to speak at October’s meet-up, closing the event feeling energised and brimming with pride. Thank you!

If you are interested in attending the November’s instalment of the meet-up, be sure to secure your free ticket for Women in Software Engineering 4.0 here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women-in-software-engineering-40-tickets-124266104263

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