The Digital Future

The Course Leader for Data Science and Analytics from the School of Computing at University of Portsmouth had kindly invited me to return to campus and deliver a guest lecture to Final Year Students studying the unit Practical Data Analytics and Mining (PDAM).

I was so grateful for this amazing opportunity, especially since I had studied this very module during my Final Year at University last year! I delivered the lecture on the penultimate week of the final semester to a class of approximately twenty students. It was very well received with a good handful of questions asked during the Q&A session at the end.

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Delivering a guest lecture, especially for a unit I enjoyed studying during my Final Year, was such a pleasurable experience. My lecture was on the “digital future”. It discussed the business value of digitising society and how the technology industry can foster data-driven principles. If anyone wishes to view the slides, or has any further enquiries, please do not hesitate in contacting me:

My abstract can be found below:

The Digital Future

Modern day society is increasingly acknowledging the rapid growth of technology and aspiring to adapt to such high influx of evolving changes by digitising to connect with one another. It is imperative for businesses to be conscientious in their response to changes and aim to bridge the gap between the emergent and legacy systems. Throughout recent years, the technology industry has recognised the fundamentals of good data and its importance in delivering good quality products that drive business value and capture the essence of a digital future.

As such, this talk will explore the potential of fostering data-driven principles from an industrial point of view with regards to how effectively it aids in the future aspirations of digitising society. It will aim to critically evaluate the use of predictive algorithms through day-to-day operations. It shall also discuss the fundamentals of good quality information, the safety and importance of clean data, and the trailblazing potential of business intelligence.

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