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Hello, friends. I have spent the better half of this evening reading through my old blog from 2012 and found some great hidden gems. The tagline was “a bloggy blog by me: Nabzz”, if that puts anything in perspective.

I would write about anything and everything: from music, languages and fashion, to tech and current affairs. I’ve had a good giggle at some of the stuff I had written just over five years ago, but I’ve decided to share a post which stuck out to me. I still stand by the sentiment of 18-year-old-me in that little blogpost.

I am now patiently waiting for someone to bring back “boffin” so I can finally reclaim the entire geeky-trio. I hope you enjoy (and cackle) at this post as much as I did!

Monday, 19th November 2012


The other day, I stumbled upon an article by the BBC about the amelioration of the words “geek” and “nerd”. After reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it really opened my eyes about how the meaning of these two words has changed within two decades.

Back in the early years of secondary school, I wasn’t the most popular girl and I certainly wasn’t cool. I was a girl who spent most of her breaks in the library buried in a good book, I was a member of the book club and made sure my study diary was checked every week, my top button was done up and my totally awesome black bag with pink flames was prepared for the next day. I wore shoes from Clarks. They were black and chunky.

Lo and behold, a photo of yours truly in Year 7. I was in the middle of completing a word-search in Science class when they told me to go to the library for my school photo.

Guess what I was called? A nerd. Evidently, back then, a nerd was all of these things. They were goofy, weird and some might say they weren’t a social butterfly.

Cartoons, such as Recess and Dexter’s Laboratory, portrayed them as this. They were that lovable character who was donned in cute Zooey D glasses, a checked shirt tucked into high waisted trousers that were a tad too high up, socks peeking out, brogues and those headgear braces. They were shy, they were quiet and they seemed to suffer from a blocked nose all year, every year!

However much these goofy geeks were seen as, well, goofy, they were the most awesome people to walk through those halls at school. Probably because I was one, OH MODESTY…!

Although, I don’t seem to be the only one who think geeks are cool nowadays! They still appear on our TV screens but in a different light. Jess Day and Dr. Sheldon Cooper to name a few. BBC stated in the article, which I think is true, that when you think of the word “geek”, you think of heroes such as: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg. You don’t really think of that weird cartoon character from Dexter’s Laboratory being shoved up a locker by a buffalo jock. Instead, you think of a pioneering individual whose intelligence and dedication has helped others in various degrees.

Geeks are favoured by so many, even Topshop have gotten in on the act! Surely, the ever-so-famous “geek” tee rings a bell.

I’m so glad that the negative connotations surrounding these two words have been dropped. There’s nothing better than being that goofy nerd who enjoys reading a book or two. This is the true definition: geeks and nerds are heroes of the future. People now proudly describe themselves as a geek or nerd because at the end of the day, and in the words of fellow nerd Joseph Gordon Levitt: “it’s the geeks who run the show!”

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